Several Reasons The State Legalizes Gambling
By: Date: November 30, 2020 Categories: Casino,Dunia,Gambling


Gambling games are still the most popular game in the world. Gambling games have a variety of games with different ways of playing. So that with these various games it can entertain gambling lovers in the world. Surely every gambling player has the expertise to play certain gambling games.

This can be an advantage for the gambling player. Because the gambling player can find out how or several other factors in making the right decision when he wants to place a bet. Usually people who want to play land-based gambling play in the center where gambling lovers gather and play, namely the casino.


Gambling games are indeed very interesting and can make many people play and enjoy playing them. Because by playing this gambling they can meet other gambling lovers. To play and try their luck and playing skills. There are many places to play casino gambling in several countries.

This can be done because the country has legalized or allowed gambling games to be played in that country. In contrast to Indonesia, where the Indonesian government has legalized gambling by the Indonesian government. Because it is against religious teachings. There are several reasons why this gambling game has been legalized in certain countries. Here are some of these reasons.


1. Increase State Tax Revenue


The first reason that makes gambling games and there are casino establishments in several countries. Because the gambling game is considered and has been proven to increase the country’s income in terms of state taxes. Because the country will collect taxes on several businesses that have been legalized.

Moreover, the income you get from opening a large gambling business, the taxes that will be paid to the government will also be large. Because they are sure that this gambling game is very popular and will be played by many people. As we already know that this gambling game can make someone addicted. So, of course, gambling lovers always want to play the gambling game.


2. Bringing Happiness and Benefits to Society


The second reason that makes this gambling game legal is because it can bring happiness and profit to the people who play it. As we know that someone who is addicted then is still prohibited. The presence of this person just got worse and remained firm in order to play gambling.

By providing a legal place to play casino. The gambling lover will also intend to go to play gambling in another country that has legalized the gambling game. With the aim of being able to win the game and get an advantage with the abilities and funds he has. So that they can fulfill the requirements of their gambling activities which have become a hobby.


3. Attracting Interest and Entertaining Foreign Tourists

The next reason is the third reason where countries that have legalized gambling games aim to attract and entertain foreign tourists. As is known, there are only a few countries that legalize gambling and there are also some that make it illegal. Because there are gambling players who live in countries that make gambling illegal like Indonesia.

So that it makes the gambling player from Indonesia want to play gambling at a casino by going to a country that legalizes gambling games like Hong Kong. Apart from visiting the country on vacation, they can also play gambling at casinos safely. Therefore a country like this makes good use of the gambling game.

Several countries that have legalized gambling games in the world are eyeing and becoming one of the destinations for gambling lovers. Where the gambling lovers want to play with players from outside, hone their playing skills and feel the sensation of winning the existing games.

Usually, countries that have legalized the gambling game do not only build a casino. But also build adjacent buildings or become one to run a business such as hotels and restaurants. This is our explanation of some of the reasons some countries have legalized gambling. Hopefully the information in submitted can be useful to add to your insight about gambling games.