Games online therapy for self-esteem

Have you ever thought about doing things wrong, and do not feel winner in the things you do, and then your self-esteem or self-concept, it may be below the limits considered as “good self esteem”. Some online games have been designed to make people feel more secure about themselves. Studies have revealed that some games and video games are tools to maintain and develop relationships; also some evidence that those who make use of the web communication in networks such as Skype, Facebook, have a good perception of their social skills.

There is an online game for children called “One In A Million” which is inserted into the questions game that lets you discover qualities, virtues and things that make them unique. The questions seek help them learn cognitive and behavioral habits which makes them feel better about themselves and develop self-confidence levels higher. A team of researchers from the Department of Psychology at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, announced a therapy for those insecure people themselves. The study was based on three games on line, in which participants are challenged to find a smile from a number of faces angry prick quickly one’s name (to see how triggers positive reactions) or hunting clouds with smiles. This study yielded information very interesting results.

While playing an online player, you can have fun, feel the satisfaction of a winner, smile, learn skills, relates to people of different cultures; pass different levels for online play which creates new challenges; this may contribute to the perception of himself.

It is true that online games designed to improve self-esteem, do not replace the excellent work of psychotherapy, but findings give hope that there is a new kind of techniques that can go developed to help people when trying to overcome low self-esteem or feelings of insecurity.