By: Date: July 23, 2020 Categories: Casino,Dunia

Last year the Japanese parliament officially accepted gambling activities in the form of Casino, although it has not been explained in detail about when, how much and who will hold the power of regulation of this fresh business industry. Economists predict, linked to the government agenda and the process of drafting regulations, the first casino is not expected to stand before the grand Olympic equipment in 2020 in Tokyo.


When compared to using the successful example of Singapore which started its first casino in 2010, it was equipped with luxury hotels, shopping and entertainment facilities, so that it succeeded in becoming 3rd place after Macau and Las Vegas, so Japan should not have to bother too much. Moreover, Macau and Singapore also still depend the main income from foreign gamblers, while Japan already has an extraordinary population of pufferfish with the main income as well.

Based on data calculated by experts, it is estimated that Japan will get consideration from this sector rotating between USD 5 – 25 million annually. In comparison, Macau recorded a gross morale of USD 28 million last year. If Japan establishes these two casino resorts, at least a margin of USD 10 million will be easily obtained, not to mention the potential gained if plans for the establishment of regional-level casinos such as Hokkaido, Sendai, Naha, Nagasaki and Miyasaki are realized in addition to the core casinos in Tokyo and Osaka. Indeed, the cost to prepare the resort would be equivalent to the estimated profit, which reached USD 8 million for the central level & USD 2 million at the regional level.

Then, what causes the difficulty of legalizing the gambling business with this casino in Japan? In fact, Japan has received several gambling businesses for a long time, such as racing, bicycle racing, motorbike or jet boat, and the most popular, is the Pachinko (a combination of slot and pinball gambling equipment) which has recorded a profit of USD 27 million per year. Even so, the Japanese government is still worried, with the existence of tasdik casino, the problem of addiction to speculation will become a major issue that immediately arises, then followed by the problem of money laundering and increasing other crimes.

Recently, the Japanese government announced a discourse on restrictions on playing the city by issuing special cards for those who entered the casino area to avoid addictions as happened with Pachinko. The plan, each player will get a special registration number, which will then be recorded for further limited if the person concerned feels too occasionally come to the casino. Another way is to collect player taxes and apply admission funds for Japanese citizens themselves. The government also plans to issue a law regulating bookies, who have the right to lend large amounts of funds to figures on a commission basis. Of course, this restriction will not be imposed on foreign players, although this means that Japan needs to revise their immigration rules in order to invite as many gamblers to the international world as possible.